How we keep in touch

If you have registered for pensioner 'self-service', you will receive the following documents in electronic format:


You will receive an 'electronic' payslip each month.

However, if you have not registered for pensioner 'self-service', you will only receive a paper payslip in March, April and May and in any month where your net payment varies by more than £2.00 (+ or -).


Pension Increase Notification

The payslip that you receive from the Tayside Pension Fund in April will contain details of the pension increase due to you for the following year.


HMRC Form P60

The payslip that you receive from us each March also serves as your Form P60(Substitute).

If you have not yet registered for pensioner 'self-service', the above documents will be sent to you by Royal Mail.


Notifying the Tayside Pension Fund

Please advise us if any of the following apply to you:

  • a change in your home address/your bank or building society account details
  • you accept another job where you can join the Local Government Pension Scheme
  • you change your marital/relationship status
  • you wish to amend details of the beneficiary(ies) of any Death Grant which may be payable

Helpful information