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10th September 2021

New Member Self-Service Portal Launch

New Member Self-Service Portal Launch

We have recently launched our new self-service portal for our active and deferred members

Active and Deferred Members

Over the past few months we have been hard at work testing and getting our new member self-service portal ready for launch. This has now been completed and our deferred and active members should have received a letter regarding registration.

If you are an active or deferred member and did not receive this, don't worry, you can still register for the service. Please contact us to confirm the address we hold on our system is up to date and we can advise further.

If you have received the letter but your activation code has now expired, simply click on the "Member Self-Service" button at the top of the screen and click the register for online access button. Then you will be asked to enter your details (Surname, National Insurance Number, Date of Birth and Email Address) once completed click the "Sign Up" button.

This will then generate either an email to your account, if we have your email address on system, or you will be sent an activation code through the post to complete your registration.

Members Receiving a Pension

We are working on the features for our members who are currently receiving a pension and hope to be able to roll this service out to you in the next few months. We will be in contact once this is available.


Please do not register multiple times if you do not receive an email, this will only cause confusion with the activation code generation and will delay this being able to be sent.

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