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7th September 2022

"Lost" Pension Rights Due to Trade Dispute

"Lost" Pension Rights Due to Trade Dispute

Process for re-paying any "lost" pension rights due to trade disputes 

Where an employee is absent due to a trade dispute they may choose to replace the amount of pension ‘lost’ during the period of the trade dispute.

The amount of ‘lost’ pension shall be calculated as 1/49th of the pensionable pay ‘lost’ during the period of the trade dispute if the person was in the main section during that period, or 1/98th of the pensionable pay ‘lost’ for the period of the trade dispute if they were in the 50/50 section during that period. Note that an employee can commence an APC in this circumstance even if they are in the 50/50 section.

If the member wishes to go ahead with a purchase of extra pension in any of the above circumstances they will need to sign a contract to do so and both the payroll and Pension Fund administering authority must be notified of:

A self-service calculator via which members must complete an application to purchase extra or lost pension is available on as such employers will need to make internet access available to staff in order that they can access the repayment application form.

Please see the below information pack for the full process:

Lost Pension Rights due to Trade Dispute